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How to calculate your daily calories need

How to calculate your daily calories need (Daily Energy Expenditure)

How to calculate your daily calories need (Daily Energy Expenditure)

Here is the easy equation to calculate your daily need of calories, or what is called Daily Energy Expenditure.


DEE = Daily Energy Expenditure

BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate

PA = Physical Activity

TEF = Thermal Effect of Food

To calculate your DEE, you will need to calculate your BMR.

BMR = Your weight (in kgs) x 1 calorie per hour x 24 hrs. for example

if your weight is 50 kg, then your BMR = 50 x1x24 that is 1200 calories.

if you are inactive add 30% to your BMR (1200 + 360)

if you are active add 60% to your BMR (1200 + 720)

if you are highly active add 100% to your BMR (1200 + 1200)

Then add 10% of to total calories (BMR+PA). For example in the inactive state, your daily calories need is 1200+360 = 1560. 10% of 1560 is 156. So your total daily calorie need is 1560+156 = 1716 calories.

If you reduce 500 calories from 1716 calories and eat only 1216 calories every day, you will loose about 1 pound per week or 2.5 kg per month. If you add 500 calories and eat 2316 calories a day, you will add 2.5 kg per month to your weight. If you eat 1715 calories every day then you will maintain your weight.

If you are still confused on how to calculate your daily calories, just send me your weight and your activity level and I will calculate it for you. 1 gm of fat = 9 calories (butter, oil, ghee)

1 gm of protein = 4 calories (meat, fish, chicken, cheese)

1 gm of carbohydrate = 4 calories (wheat, flour, rice, pasta, potatoes)

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