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Do we need breakfast

Do we need breakfast?

Do we need breakfast?

Our body goes through hormonal changes during the night from growth hormone releases in the middle of the night to stress hormones close to the dawn (morning). Our body releases stored glucose from our glycogen stores to get body read for the next day work and hunting (as it was in old times). This is called Dawn Phenomenon and it happens in both diabetics and non-diabetics. However, non-diabetics cover this surge of blood glucose quickly, but diabetics normally have high blood sugar in the mornings due to this reaction. Its best to avoid any food for at least 2 hours after getting up, and then have some light breakfast, brunch or just delay morning breakfast till lunch. This has huge health benefits and rests your pancreas and improved your blood sugar. Also, we are more insulin resistant in the morning times, so waiting for couple hours will improve our insulin sensitivity and our pancreas will manage our blood sugar more efficiently. If you are taking insulin or if you are on blood glucose lowering medicine, ask your doctor first before changing your diet habits. If you are only on Metformin/Glucophage then this should not affect.


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