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Why We Get Fat

Why We Get Fat?

Why We Get Fat?

Putting on weight and getting fat is an evolutionary process and is the main reason for us to be alive and passing on genes generation after generation. In old times, we used to live in “Feast & Famine” state all the time. We had feast when we got some food, and then there maybe few days when we never had any food and we called it “famine”. So nature made our bodies to store excess energy to pull us through during the time of famine and lack of food. Our body uses instant energy from the food, which is only a small percentage of what we eat. The remaining energy gets stored into glycogen (first food reserves) in our liver and muscles. This is about 400-500 gms of carbohydrates or 2000 calories. All the remaining blood sugar gets converted and stored into fats by the liver using Insulin. That fat storage makes us fat. However, because we don’t have famine and we keep eating every other hour, we only keep getting fatter and fatter. To avoid this, we need to break food cycle, do fasting and start time-restricted eating habits to deplete our glycogen stores so that our body can tap into our fats and burn them and we lose that fat and become healthy.


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