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What are Different Types of Diabetes

What are Different Types of Diabetes

What are Different Types of Diabetes

There are mainly two types of diabetes, namely Type-1 and Type-2.

n Type-1 diabetes, autoimmune disease destroys pancreatic beta cells and very little or no insulin is produced. This happens mainly in young age or childhood. Type-1 must take insulin to survive.

Type-2 diabetes normally happens in the middle and old age because of high insulin in the blood for long time and body’s inability to use insulin properly due to hyperinsulinemia. Type-2 can be treated, prevented and cured by lifestyle changes, low-carb food and some exercise.

There is Type-1.5 or LADA diabetes, which is very rare and its mix of both Type-1 and Type-2, called Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. Then there is gestational diabetes that happens to women during their pregnancy but with low-carb diet, it can be cured and both mom and baby can be saved from future diabetic onset.

Now scientists are calling Alzheimer’s disease as Type-3 diabetes because of its connection to hyperinsulinemia.

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