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Keto Misconception and Reality

Keto Misconception and Reality?

Keto Misconception and Reality?

Keto diet was started about 100 years ago for children and adults with epilepsy and seizures. In 1980s Dr. Robert Atkins started a different version of Atkins diet that was a spin-off of low carb and many call it keto diet. Keto diet is a medical treatment for people with epilepsy and 90% fat diet and a little protein is used to control brain signals to stop seizures. These days so many doctors and keto specialists are trying to make the propaganda to eat high fat diet and don’t worry about anything which is incorrect. You should eat fats but only the fats that come with protein and not drink excessive fats or fat bombs, like using butter in your coffee and so on. The real name of this lifestyle is called low-carb diet. Its not even a diet, its a lifestyle. So avoid anyone who is trying to sell you a keto diet. Just stay away from sugar, bakery products, rice, wheat and other refined carbohydrates and eat carbs from vegetables and healthy source in small amounts to get all nutrients and vitamins.

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