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How to Lose Weight Fats Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight/Fats Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight/Fats Without Exercise

Weight loss is directly related to your hormones which are insulin and glucagon. Exercise is good for stress release, cardiorespiratory fitness, blood circulation and overall body and joint health but benefits of exercise are not enormous when it comes to weight loss. To lose weight without even getting up from your sofa, what you really need to do is to decrease your circulating insulin level in your blood. That will increase glucagon hormone and your fats will start burning. This is as simple as that. To reduce your body insulin you need to reduce your blood glucose or blood sugar.

That means avoiding all kinds of sugary food and food high in carbohydrates. The calorie in / calorie out concept has failed because calorie out can be halted when you decrease your calorie intake due to slowing down of metabolism as a safety to give your body enough energy at all times. Even the experiments have shown that if you decrease your calories intake for longer period of time, your metabolism rates goes down permanently and doesn’t come back to normal even after you start eating more calories and that is the reason why people gain weight quickly after low-calorie diets.

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