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How to Calculate Your Carbohydrate Threshold

How to Calculate Your Carbohydrate Threshold?

How to Calculate Your Carbohydrate Threshold?

Please see how to calculate your carbohydrate threshold from the below calculations and learn how to maintain your sugar levels in the right range if you have type-2 diabetes. Please remember sugar is present in every food except proteins and fats. Some food has more sugar like rice, flour, bread, lentils, potatoes etc, some other foods have less sugar like green vegetables, salad etc.

How to calculate your carb (sugar) threshold? – Normal sugar level fasting = 85 mg/dl

– Normal sugar random = 120 mg/dl

– 1 spoon of sugar = 5 gms of carbohydrates

– 1 gm of carbohydrate raises sugar = 5 mg/dl

– 10 gm of carbohydrates will raise your sugar 50 mg/dl

– If your fasting is 85 and you eat 10 gms of carbs, check your sugar level after 2 hours. It should not increase more than 135 mg/dl.

– Increase or decrease grams of carbohydrates accordingly.

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