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HbA1c Test & Normal Values

HbA1c Test & Normal Values

HbA1c Test & Normal Values

HbA1C test is a gold standard in measuring average blood glucose over the past 2-3 months. Normal a1c values are between 4.5%-5.7%.

5.7 – 6.5% is prediabetic

More than 6.5% is diabetic

Certain blood conditions can increase or decrease your a1c level falsely. For example if you have anemia your a1c levels will be higher, and so is in pregnancy. If you had blood loss or hemolysis then your a1c is going to be falsely low. So make sure that your fasting blood glucose and postprandial glucose are aligned with a1c. If your fasting blood glucose is normal and a1c is very high, then you may need to check if you have any blood condition that is affecting your a1c level.

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